The Grievance Committee is responsible for enforcing the terms of the contract through the contractually-defined grievance process, as necessary.  The committee also identifies concerns related to the contract through our interactions with faculty and our observations of their working conditions.

If you think that your rights as they are defined in the contract (or otherwise) are being violated, we strongly encourage you to contact the Grievance Committee at the email below.  Use this email as well, if you have an interest in joining the committee.  We are particularly interested in additional members  who are part time faculty or faculty from campuses other than Albuquerque.

Contact us at:

Current members of the Grievance Committee are:

Lee Montgomery, Committee Chair, Assoc. Professor,  Art, Albuquerque Campus

Kathryn Wichelns, Assoc. Professor, English, Albuquerque Campus   

Satya M. Witt, Sr. Lecturer, Biology, Albuquerque Campus

Bethany Davila, Assoc. Professor, Rhetoric and Writing, Albuquerque Campus

Kristian Simcox, Asst. Professor, Philosophy, Gallup Campus

David Correia, Assoc. Professor, American Studies,Albuquerque Campus

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