We represent approximately 1600 full- and part-time faculty across the five campuses at the University of New Mexico. Our union is committed to ensuring faculty rights are protected in our collective bargaining agreement.

About the Ratification Process

After years of faculty organizing, thousands of After years of faculty organizing, thousands of conversations, and 17 months of negotiations, our UA-UNM Bargaining Team reached a tentative agreement on our first collective bargaining agreement with the UNM Administration on May 19, 2021. The contract and Constitution were ratified by members with overwhelming support on June 11, 2021. Below are additional resources about the documents, election process, and how to become a member.

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If you have never completed the official UA-UNM digital membership form, please take a moment to do so on our secure website by clicking here.

Documents for More Information

Additional Resources

UNM Faculty Handbook

Election Information

Dates: The election to ratify the Tentative Agreement, and Constitution occurred between June 4, 2021 to June 11, 2021.

Eligibility to Vote: Eligible voters were current members who were full- and part-time teaching and research faculty on all of the UNM campuses.

Information Sessions: These sessions and drop-in Office Hours were scheduled every day of the voting period for bargaining-unit eligible faculty to learn more and ask questions about about the Tentative Agreement and Constitution before voting.

Process to Vote: Members received an email with a unique code and link from United Academics of UNM to vote on a secure site.

Vote Count: When the election ended, executive committee members on the Elections Committee counted the secret ballots and determined the results. An announcement followed and was sent to all bargaining-unit eligible faculty.

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