Survey Team Suggestion Form

UAUNM Bargaining Priorities Survey -Suggestion Form
This is the UAUNM Survey committee's Bargaining Priorities Survey Suggestion Form. Use this to share your thoughts on what our bargaining priorities should be when we begin contract negotiations.
If we may contact you with follow-up with questions please provide your name
If we may contact you with follow-up questions please include an email
Examples: I think UNM should provide fully funded day-care for all employees. -or- Faculty should not have to pay for parking. -or- Tuition Remission for Adjunct Professors. ... etc
Feel free to input any concerns or priorities you have relative to Salary/Benefits/ Course Load here. Please be as specific as possible. i.e. All faculty terminated for poor performance should receive an $800k departure package.
Please share any concerns or suggestions you may have relative to how UNM handles grievances. i.e. There needs to be a process for addressing violations of Faculty rights around facilities usage.
Any bargaining priorities related to Academic Freedom, Open Inquiry, Free Speech should go here. i.e. The tenure process needs to be more/less clearly codified.
Please share your thoughts on how we might want to address the concerns of vulnerable populations and foster diversity in faculty. i.e. There needs to be a faculty office that specifically addresses issues of diversity in faculty university/campus wide.
Please submit suggestions about Governance and Transparency. i.e. We should have faculty representation on the Board of Regents.