Message from the BIPOC Caucus

March 25, 2021

This is a message on behalf of the UA-UNM BIPOC Caucus.


First, the UA-UNM BIPOC Caucus stands in solidarity, love, and care with our Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander community, and we grieve with them the continued violent assaults that white supremacy has enacted and continues to enact on our communities particularly at a moment when our AAPI students and colleagues are experiencing the trauma of the recent Atlanta shootings.


We would also like to provide the UNM faculty with a letter addressed to the UNM administration regarding the annual review’s inclusion of COVID-19 impact. The UA-UNM BIPOC Caucus is worried that asking faculty, especially BIPOC faculty, to narrate how the pandemic has impacted their professional lives will have the opposite effect of mitigating impact. It will create more work, invade the privacy, and ask individuals to revisit the trauma that the pandemic has caused them even if sharing that information is optional. Because the BIPOC Caucus is concerned about faculty health, especially mental health, and professional success, this letter asks that reviewers and administrators accept this document in lieu of individualized accounts of how COVID-19 has disproportionately affected faculty of color, women, and other minoritized groups.


We encourage all UA-UNM faculty to adopt the letter in its entirety or to copy and paste the materials that serve them best.


And we ask our UNM administration not to add an extra burden by requiring early-career faculty, especially BIPOC faculty, to expose how these events have affected them. We ask that supervisors, department chairs, and faculty reviewers simply accept that faculty have been impacted and find creative solutions to evaluate faculty, such as revising the standards altogether, so that the faculty most affected by COVID-19, BIPOC faculty, are not further burdened by the circumstances of the pandemic.


Because of these health related and bargaining related disparities created by COVID-19, the UA-UNM BIPOC Caucus asks our UNM administration to bargain in good faith with the union so that UNM BIPOC communities are protected as much as possible from the disproportionate effects of the pandemic.


Be well, be safe, and in solidarity,