Faculty unions have become increasingly common and are an important part of higher education throughout the United States. In the last ten years alone, faculty have successfully unionized at Oregon State University, the University of Oregon, the University of Illinois at Chicago, Michigan State University, Northern Illinois University, Temple University, and many others. And like faculty at UNM, other faculty at still more universities are currently in the midst of their own union organization efforts. Click here to see a list of comparable universities with faculty unions.

These successes are not inevitable. They have been won with the hard work and commitment of large numbers of faculty at each of these institutions. And many other faculty face the added obstacles of organizing at private institutions or at institutions in one of the 20+ states with laws prohibiting or otherwise inhibiting public employees from unionizing. However, this has not slowed efforts around the country, especially in states like New Mexico where unionization remains supported by law.

The purpose of this website is to provide the University of New Mexico’s teaching and research faculty with basic information about faculty unions in general and about the specific ways in which our unionizing effort at UNM meets our collective needs as faculty. This website will help to contextualize why the United Academics of the University of New Mexico (UA-UNM) are engaged in organizing our faculty, how a faculty union works, and what a faculty union might help us to accomplish.

At its core, a faculty union is made up of teaching and research faculty members with shared concerns who come together to advance common goals and protect common interests. It is through unions that faculty might amplify their voices in order to express their concerns. Through their unions, faculty have the right to bargain collectively for a legally binding contract and to secure hard-won contractual agreements. We are stronger together!