Where we are with bargaining: On the surface, the distance seems great, but it is not. UNM has agreed that there are ways to do things better, but we continue to wait for them to commit to the pathway they want to take in this process. We’re done waiting. It’s time for them to join us at the table and get this done.

  • Benefits
  • Compensation
  • Leaves
  • Grievance & Arbitration
  • Progressive Discipline
  • Personnel Files
  • Appointment and Reappointment for Adjuncts
  • Professional Development
  • Appointment, Promotion, and Renewals for Lecturers
  • Workload
  • Performance Reviews
  • Appeals of Promotion and Tenure
  • Mid-Probation, Tenure, and Promotion Process
  • Safe Working Conditions
  • Duration of the Agreement/Successor Agreement
  • Lack of transparency for when a fiscal emergency arises
  • No raise for adjunct faculty minimum salaries
  • The continuance of an overbearing faculty workload
  • Lack of professional development for BIPOC faculty
  • No grievance policy
  • Continuing to hold secret files and information on faculty
  • No clear, equitable policies for promotions, reviews, and reappointments     

Beginning in 2017, our union won our union election by a landslide vote of 70% yes with continued participation for our contract from a majority of faculty immediately thereafter.

What followed was an Administration that built a track-record of anti-faculty actions.

We are at a moment when UNM can make a choice to come to the table and finish negotiations. Why drag everyone through another proceeding like when UNM paid thousands of dollars to an anti-union law firm as faculty were securing their legal rights under New Mexico Labor Law? Or when… Click here to read more.

We are willing to find solutions together.

Just as we’ve been able to negotiate MOUs and Joint Communications outlining policies to keep faculty safe during COVID-19, we believe both sides could reach a tentative agreement on the entire union contract this semester. We need the Administration to take bargaining our first union contract seriously, rather than continue to purposely draw out this process.

“We need an administration that respects faculty, from full-time tenured professors to part-time faculty teaching semester to semester.”

Dr. Leslie Donovan, Professor
Honors College at UNM-Albuquerque and founding UA-UNM Member

About UA-UNM

We represent approximately 1600 full and part-time faculty across five campuses at the University of New Mexico.

Our union is committed to ensuring faculty rights in the work place are protected and respected. We believe in transparency, accountability, and equity.

Currently, we are negotiating our first collective bargaining agreement with the University of New Mexico Administration. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest updates.


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